This is a blog that is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. What is truth? Where do you find truth? Who determines what is truth?

In our modern society it appears that there are many flavors of truth. And many people would say that truth is relative, that it is up to each individual to determine what their truth is. We’ve heard the phrase many times before “truth is truth.” Question is do we really have a handle on what that means?

All of this may be true, that is why we have launched, we want to know what the truth is.

If you’re like us you are exposed to a vast amount of news on the internet on television in the newspaper, periodicals on and on and on. There are many sources we are exposed to a wide range of viewpoints in school classrooms and at all levels of academia. Messages are constantly being beamed at our brain and from time to time we listen to a story or we read a report and we may say to ourselves… that’s not true. I know the truth to be different than what is being told to the world regarding this subject and/or story.

So what we are asking, is by which standard are you determining what is true and what is not true? Do you have an internal compass that guides you through life that enables you to monitor a story or situation and determine truth? If so, where did this come from? How is it possible that you know truth from untruth?

This is the purpose of this blog. We want you as an individual to discover what real truth is, who is truth, what is truth, when is truth and how do we know the truth?

Is this blog religiously focused and will it prove to be a vehicle for religious dogma? We sure hope not!

The purpose of this blog is not for us to dole out our understanding of what truth is and to try to sway or convert anyone to our way of thinking, far from it.

This is an honest exercise that we too are participating in and we want to post articles, news stories, etc and we want the community of to provide honest, intellectual, well thought out, friendly comments and responses that we as a community may all learn from each other and over a period of time will begin to discover what real truth is.

Join us in this process and we look forward to working with you and discovering what truth is in all aspects of our life; religious truth, spiritual truth, news truth, government truth, political truth, personal and family truth, and more. As you can see we’ve got a lot of topics to delve into and we look forward to a long and fruitful journey.