What is Christianity?

If you were to ask a member of an underground Chinese home church what is Christianity and then asked the same question to an American residing in an affluent community you are more than likely to get two different answers.

Why is this?

Shouldn’t the answer to what is Christianity be a universally accepted answer? More than likely the answers would share core truths that each would agree on with nuances due to national and economic filters. It’s these unshakeable foundational truths that we want to discover and apply to our lives.

Our goal is as a group we will collectively dig into the topic of what is Christianity, to uncover hidden truths, or truths that may have become distorted by man’s attempts to organize and control a body of followers.

Together we will study what is the true foundational meaning of Christianity, how it applies to our lives and how we are to interact and relate with God, the creator of heaven and earth.

It is our belief that some have taken a simple concept, a very logical and understandable plan of God reaching out to man and have made it more complicated than necessary.

Join us each week as we take a fun and lively approach to the study of “What is Christianity.”

What is the Bible about?

Join us as we take an exciting journey to discover “What is the Bible About.”

Some have relegated the Bible to a historical document, which to them is simply a collection of ancient writings and they view it as no more than an interesting piece of literature. What do you think? Are they correct?

Others, and we fall into this camp, believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God. Are we correct?

Each week we will dig into the Bible and occasionally we will have guests who will join us in our pursuit of revealing what is the Bible about. Are there divine truths and mysteries contained in the Bible? Meet with us weekly for a fun, interesting and indebt look that we hope will bring you knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world’s greatest selling book.

Please invite your friends and family to be a part of our community of actively engaged listeners and participants as we study what is the Bible about.